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Barbara Marx Hubbard

Conscious Evolution (#H242)

$34.95 $24.95
60 minutes
A leading visionary thinker, Barbara Marx Hubbard suggests that we are in a unique evolutionary phase in which the universe is coming to understand itself through the vehicle of human consciousness. She argues that the spiritual attainments of the great religious founders and avatars are now becoming available to masses of people. In Part II, Ms. Hubbard presents her vision of human possibility. She suggests that, in the future, we will learn how to naturally rejuvenate and heal our bodies. We will build societies based on cocreation rather than procreation.

Barbara Marx Hubbard is a co-founder of the World Future Society and is President of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution. She is author of The Hunger of Eve, The Revelation: Our Crisis is a Birth, The Evolutionary Journey and Conscious Evolution.
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The Planetary Birth (#H345)

$34.95 $24.95
60 minutes
Barbara Marx Hubbard presents her vision of a positive future, involving a quantum change in consciousness to a higher state in which all humans will function with a fuller awareness of the larger planetary being. She suggests that the great religious leaders of humankind offer templates of future evolution.
EXCERPT: Conscious Evolution

"We have a lot of images of breakdown -- of environmental breakdown, of Armageddon, of social collapse. But where is the image of a positive future equal to our spiritual, scientific, and social powers? It's still hidden."
--Barbara Marx Hubbard 

EXCERPT: Planetary Birth

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