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Albert Ellis, Ph.D.

A Guide to Rational Living (#W008)

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90 minutes
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Working to change your personal philosophy is a valid therapeutic technique -- one which can lead to genuine growth. Behavior, emotion and cognition, says Albert Ellis, are all interrelated. He tells us how to recognize irrational belief patterns based on "musts" and "shoulds." He then presents methods for self-analysis and therapy.

Dr. Ellis discusses and demonstrates the modeling approach, the use of humor, the use of cognitive homework, unconditional acceptance of clients, the use of strong language and dealing with low frustration tolerance. In a moving manner, he also describes the application of these principles in his own life experience. (A program in two parts)

Born in 1913, Albert Ellis, Ph.D., is one of the most influential figures in the history of psychology. He is author of over 600 academic papers and more than 50 books including A Guide to Rational Living, How to Live with a Neurotic, Humanistic Psychotherapy, The Art and Science of Love and Sex Without Guilt. Dr. Ellis is considered the grandfather of cognitive behavior therapy, the founder of Rational-Emotive Therapy (RET) and one of the architects of the sexual revolution.

"We're born gullible to our parents, influenceable, teachable, in the first place. Therefore we stupidly listen to our parents, but then we invent many musts, shoulds, oughts, demands, commands, in addition to the standards, the values, that we adopt from our parents."
--Albert Ellis 

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