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Jane Caputi, Ph.D.

The Fates of the Earth (#U100)

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30 minutes
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Jane Caputi, professor of American Studies at the University of New Mexico, is author of Gossips, Gorgons and Crones. She notes that, over the centuries, powerful female, mythological figures have been superceded by patriarchal symbols. This also correlates with the rise of the warrior mentality. Today, as we face the problems that our nuclear technology has created, there is an awakening of the old feminine spiritual powers. Caputi maintains that this is necessary in order to reactivate our numbed psyches and bring balance to our culture.


"In the ancient world they knew what they were doing when they mythologized. This is a sort of modern prejudice that sees, "Oh, this kind of quaint stories to explain the world," or something. No, these were the metaphysics, the philosophy, the theology. They knew about the forces that we're talking about now in chaos theory. They knew about nuclear fission. And they expressed these ideas through symbol, image, and story. So I think we could learn a whole lot by going back and looking at these myths and see what relevance they have to us today."
--Jane Caputi 

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