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James M. Kouzes

Leadership From Within (#W197)

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90 minutes
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What is the difference between management and leadership? While effective management is needed to maintain the status quo, it is leadership that moves us forward to a new vision of the future. The path to leadership, says James Kouzes, is an inner process much like the mythological hero's journey.

Leadership is based more on personal power than on power derived from position. Thus leadership can emerge from any level within an organization. In Part II of this program, Mr. Kouzes suggests that in order to live in a manner that exemplifies the values they espouse, leaders must be clear about their own values. He offers several exercises for values clarification and self-understanding.

James M. Kouzes is President of Tom Peters Group Learning Systems. Since 1969 he has trained more than 15,000 executives and professionals. A former Director of the Executive Development Center of Santa Clara University's School of Business, he is author of The Leadership Challenge: How to Get Extraordinary Things Done in Organizations.

"The word manage has as its root the word manus, which means hand. The word lead has as its root definition the words to go, to travel, and to guide. The difference between leading and managing is the difference between what you do with your hands -- handle things, control things, type letters, use the telephone, write reports -- and what you can do with your feet -- move in particular directions, move in new directions, move left, right, back, forward. The difference between a leader and a manager is the difference between somebody who guides us in new directions towards new horizons and a manager who simply tries to control and contain the way things are."
--James M. Kouzes 

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