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John Weir Perry, M.D.

Visionary Experience or Psychosis (#S060)

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30 minutes
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The psychiatric community errs in treating visionary experience as a form of mental illness, says Jungian psychotherapist John Weir Perry, M.D.. The late Dr. Perry was the author of many books including The Heart of History and The Far Side of Madness. He suggests that psychiatric labelling and the use of anti-psychotic drugs serve to stifle the valuable integration of life's mythic dimensions.
This program is also available in the VideoQuartet:
Spiritual Psychology (#Q194)


"In order for a real change to occur there has to be a deeply motivated population, and that means that the deep psyche has to be involved. It's there that the creative ideas come from, in very symbolic terms at first, just images. But they have a lot of energy in them and a lot of persuasiveness, and when people hear a visionary leader when it's time for one of these revolutionary changes, there is a sort of mass movement that sweeps through a population."
--John Weir Perry 

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