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Joseph Rael

Being and Vibration (#W333)

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90 minutes
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Joseph Rael, whose Picuris Pueblo Indian sacred name translates to Beautiful Painted Arrow, is a visionary, poet, and creator of sacred sounds. He is author of Beautiful Painted Arrow and Being and Vibration.

Joseph discusses the Tiwa language of the Pueblo Indians and its capacity for apprehending all of life as a metaphor for sacred reality. He recalls the visionary experiences of his childhood and developes his philosophical perspective that all physical manifestation is a consequence of vibrations from eternity. He describes his work creating sound chambers for peace throughout the world.

In Part Two, Rael presents many Tiwa chants and songs, describing their meaning and use. He elaborates on the deeper meaning of such concepts as work, commitment, choice, clarity, purity, transformation and higher consciousness.

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