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Murray Gell-Mann, Ph.D.

The Simple and the Complex (#H465)

DVD $24.95
60 minutes
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The late Nobel laureate Murray Gell-Mann addresses the relationship between the world of everyday experience and the mysterious world of sub-atomic particles. He points out that chaos theory shows that many large-scale events are extremely sensitive to initial conditions. Regarding complexity, he says that random systems which are difficult to describe may be no more complex than ones which are completely orderly.

Murray Gell-Mann, Ph.D., received the Nobel Prize for theoretical work in physics. He is professor emeritus at California Institute of Technology and author of The Quark and the Jaguar.
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"How do you get from elementary particles, each of which is absolutely identical to all the others of its type anywhere in the universe -- a thing that has no individuality -- to the richly diverse and individual and complex entities that we see around us, and which we are ourselves?"
--Murray Gell-Mann 

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