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Nick Herbert, Ph.D.

Consciousness and Quantum Reality (#S470)

$29.95 $18.95
30 minutes
The mysteries of sub-atomic physics offer us startling new perspectives on the human mind. Physicist Nick Herbert, Ph.D., author of Quantum Reality, points out that no matter how one interprets the equations of quantum physics the results lead to amazing and paradoxical concepts. Perhaps that time runs backwards as well as forward. Perhaps multiple independent universes are created each second.
This program is also available in the VideoQuartet:
New Physics and Beyond (#Q124)


"All the patterns are perfectly ordinary; they preserve space and time, and they're separated at light speed. Yet the bricks that make up these patterns are not that way at all. They don't know anything about space and time, and they're connected instantaneously. Now, why make a universe that way? I would never make a universe that way. To make a local universe, I would use local parts. But whoever made this universe, or if it made itself, s/he did it with parts that were better than the whole,"
--Nick Herbert 

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