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Peter Russell

Time and Transformation (#H175)

DVD $24.95
60 minutes
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Peter Russell maintains that the human race is the culmination of a continual progression toward greater self-awareness. Yet, only a shift in consciousness will prevent us from destroying the planet. Nor can we rely upon the great teachers of the past. True security will only be achieved by looking within. We must engender a society where spiritual wisdom is universally acknowledged and communicated.

Peter Russell is a visionary writer, filmmaker, and management consultant. He is author of The TM Book, The Brain Book, a translation of The Upanishads, Waking Up in Time, The Global Brain, The Consciousness Revolution and From Science to God.

"The past is but a memory, and all that a memory is is something which we draw upon and recreate now. If I think of the past, I am thinking of it now, in the present moment. If I think of the future, I am thinking of the future now, in the present moment. There is only now in that sense. And if you look at it from the physical side, now doesn't exist."
--Peter Russell 

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