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Roger Walsh, M.D.

Psychology of Human Survival (#S110)

$29.95 $18.95
30 minutes
We cannot live authentic lives without feeling touched by the major problems of the planet. Roger Walsh, M.D., is a professor of psychiatry at the University of California, Irvine, and author of Staying Alive: The Psychology of Human Survival. In this moving interview he urges that by becoming aware of the roots of these problems in ourselves, we can begin to heal our culture of its dangerously insane condition.

Roger Walsh, PhD, is author of Essential Spirituality: The 7 Central Practices to Awaken Heart and Mind, The Spirit of Shamanism and Staying Alive: The Psychology of Survival and coauthor of Accept this Book, A Gift of Peace and Beyond Ego.
This program is also available in the VideoQuartet:
Consciousness and Modern Culture (#Q204)

The Spirit of Shamanism (#S701)

$29.95 $18.95
30 minutes
Shamans who have healed themselves then function at a higher than normal level. Roger Walsh, M.D., is professor of psychiatry, philosophy and anthropology at the University of California at Irvine. He discusses shamanism in the light of modern science and scholarship, questioning claims that shamans suffer from schizophrenia or epilepsy.
This program is also available in the VideoQuartet:
The Shaman's Message (#Q414)
EXCERPT: The Spirit of Shamanism

"We lose twenty million people a year of starvation, fifty thousand a day. That's extraordinary. And so this idea that things are kind of correcting themselves is not true. It can be corrected; I think that we have to appreciate that we do have the power, we have the technology, the resources, the information, to correct the problem, to handle the global threats. But it's a question of whether we are willing to really make that our priority."
--Roger Walsh 

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