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Swami Chetanananda

The Philosophy of Tantric Yoga (#H220)

$34.95 $24.95
60 minutes
Westerners often mistakenly believe that tantric yoga is essentially a sexual practice. The essence of tantra is a focus on life energy or kundalini associated with the nervous system and the environment. The goal of tantra, as with other spiritual practices, is the achievement of unity consciousness. However, tantric yoga is considered a rapid path to that goal and contains some implicit dangers.

Swami Chetanananda is founder of the Nityananda Institute in Portland, Oregon. He is author of Dynamic Stillness, The Breath of God and The Logic of Love.

" So when we talk about universal life force, we are not really talking about energy that is different from material energy. We are only talking about it in the broadest possible sense."
--Swami Chetanananda 

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