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Steven B. Duke, L.L.M.

Drugs and the Law (#H415)

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60 minutes
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A distinguished law professor points out that many problems associated with drug use actually result from the prohibition of drugs. These include deaths, by violence and by overdose, theft, health risks, huge law enforcement expenditures. He notes that legalized drugs could still be highly regulated. Funds now spent on law enforcement could be diverted to treatment programs which are known to work.

Steven B. Duke, L.L.M., is Law of Science and Technology Prof. at Yale Law School. He is co-author of America's Longest War: Rethinking Our Tragic Crusade Against Drugs.

"The only ostensible, quasi-legitimate reason to prohibit drugs is that they're harmful either to the user or to someone associated with the user and tobacco and alcohol are clearly more harmful, not only to the society, but per user. Tobacco is by far the deadliest drug that humans have ever voluntarily consumed."
--Steven B. Duke 

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