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Stan Tenen

Geometry of Language (#H777)

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60 minutes
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Stan Tenen notes that the two primary names of God in the Hebrew Torah refer to the fundamental metaphysical principles of duality: the god within and the god without, god as a singular entity and god as infinite. The key insight of Judaism, that these principles are actually one, is embedded in the very structure and shape of the Hebrew letters. Tenen further explains that these letters can all be derived from a language of gestures - and suggests that this was the original language of humanity.

Stan Tenen is Director of Research of the MERU Foundation.

The Origin of Sacred Alphabets (#U777)

DVD $18.95
30 minutes
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Stan Tenen is the director of the Meru Foundation. Here he suggests that the ancient alphabets embody a system of knowledge that is self-referential and not inconsistent with modern thinking in theoretical physics and general systems theory. He claims to have discovered the sacred spiral shape through which one can project all of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, and with modifications, the Greek and Arabic alphabets.
EXCERPT: Geometry of Language

"What you find is that the meaning of the name of the letter is associated with the operational meaning in a word of the letter which is a very unusual thing. You would think that maybe there would be some arbitrariness. But in fact we know that all around the world the sound "M" stands for mother or for the sea or something like that-- a source sound. And these constants of meaning appear to be connected with our human consciousness and not entirely arbitrary. Different cultures may have embodied them slightly differently but the principle is that these letters have natural meaning."
--Stan Tenen 

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