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Weston Agor, Ph.D.

Intuition in Business (#W198)

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90 minutes
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Intuition is a brain skill that organizations must learn to tap in order to remain competetive. In part one of this two part program Professor Agor discusses ways in which organizations can learn to accommodate intuitive styles. He suggests that there are both introvert intuitives and extrovert intuitives. He provides examples of how intuition can be used in different business settings.

In part two, Dr. Agor explores the role of extrasensory perception in the intuitive process. He talks about the use of empathy and entrainment in intuition training programs. He also reviews the range of exercises that can be used for cultivating intuition and for helping a wide variety of organizations to integrate the use of intuitive skills.

The late Weston Agor, Ph.D., was a professor of public administration at the University of Texas, El Paso. He was founder and director of the Global Intuition Network and president of ENFP, a consulting organization. Author of Intuitive Management and The Logic of Intuitive Decision Making, he was also editor of an anthology titled Intuition in Organizations.

"The more traditional management techniques are becoming less and less useful. In many ways they're useful for a picture of yesterday rather than tomorrow."
--Weston Agor 

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