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Rabbi Zalman Schachter, Ph.D.

Spiritual Eldering (#H015)

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60 minutes
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The model of the spiritual elder is an appropriate one for individuals experiencing an extended lifespan. This process can be facilitated through the application of transpersonal and humanistic processes. A major part of this work involves an examination of one's life and an understanding of how apparently negative events often lead to positive outcomes. Inner work is also essential to relieve oneself of the burden of resentment and anger that can accumulate over a lifetime.

The late Zalman Schachter, Ph.D., father of the Jewish Renewal movement, was emeritus professor of the psychology of religion and religious mysticism at Temple University. He is author of Spiritual Intimacy.


"One of the things that people say about getting old is being burdened. When a person can jettison resentment burdens and grudge burdens there is so much more energy being given, so that one has the energy to be able to do the homework of eldering."
--Rabbi Zalman Schachter 

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