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About Thinking Allowed

THINKING ALLOWED is a long-running independent public television series and an extensive video library developed from the series. Hosted by Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D., Thinking Allowed provides an open, non-adversarial forum for the exchange of intelligent, alternative ideas. The series is a project of Thinking Allowed Productions; produced by Jeffrey Mishlove and Arthur Bloch and directed by Arthur Bloch.

A brief history of Thinking Allowed on TV
Thinking Allowed began its broadcast history as The Mind's Eye on KCSM-TV in San Mateo, California, in 1986. Programs were recorded at studios in Marin County and San Francisco. In 1988 we changed our name to Thinking Allowed and began national distribution to PBS stations via the Pacific Mountain Network. At that time we were picked up by approximately 40 PBS affiliates. Uplinked via NETA until September, 2002, in its 18-year history Thinking Allowed aired on more than 100 PBS stations in most major markets and has received glowing comments from viewers and reviewers. The series was also aired on Canadian and Australian public television stations.

Host Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D.
Series host Jeffrey Mishlove is a licensed clinical psychologist, an accomplished radio and television interviewer, and one of the most erudite and articulate personalities on television. He is the author of an encyclopedic volume of consciousness studies, The Roots of Consciousness.
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Thinking Allowed guests
The Thinking Allowed series is one of the most in-depth interview programs on television. The series has featured more than 300 of the world's leading intellectual figures in a relaxed and non-adversarial atmosphere. Notable guests have included Albert Ellis, Virginia Satir, Rollo May, Arthur M. Young, Irvin Yalom, Jean Houston, Colin Wilson, Jacob Needleman, Theodore Roszak, Robert Ornstein, Jean Shinoda Bolen and many others.
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Thinking Allowed topics
Thinking Allowed attempts to provide timeless, intelligent alternative points of view on a wide range of subjects. While promoting no ideology of its own, the series explores such diverse topics as humanistic psychology, living philosophically, frontiers of science, personal and spiritual development, health and healing, mythology, computers and cognition, management psychology and global awareness.
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About the Thinking Allowed DVD Collection
The DVD collection comprises more than 250 titles in various formats. The VideoQuartets each contain four complete programs selected according to a common theme. Most Single programs are available individually as well as in the VideoQuartets. Many titles in the InnerWork series of 90-minute DVDs contain hour-length segments that were never seen on television. The HourLong Editions are two-part programs from the television series.
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Thinking Allowed on YouTube
We have posted excepts from more than 160 of our titles on YouTube, including the entire InnerWork and Hourlong series'. These clips are also included on many of the guest pages of our website, with more clips added regularly.
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Accessing the video collection
Thinking Allowed DVDs are all available for sale through our on-line catalog. They are also found in many public libraries and for rent in some video stores and alternative bookstores. Unfortunately, as these stores usually purchase DVDs from distributors we do not have a list of them. In several communities, individuals have gathered to form discussion groups around the Thinking Allowed DVDs. In these cases we often help by adjusting our discounts to fit the groups' needs. If you are interested in forming such a group, you might consider using Facebook or some other social networking site to facilitate your effort.

Thinking Allowed funding
Past funding has come through small private grants and through sales of the Thinking Allowed DVD Collection to colleges and universities, plus libraries, businesses, psychology professionals, community organizations and interested individuals. Partial funding for production of the series has been provided by the Charlson Research Foundation, the Intuition Network, The Institute for Noetic Sciences, the Institute for the Study of Consciousness and Wisdom Television.

About Thinking Allowed Productions
Thinking Allowed Productions is owned and managed by Arthur Bloch, producer/director of the Thinking Allowed series. He is also author of the best-selling Murphy's Law series of books and a new age parody, Healing Yourself with Wishful Thinking. In addition, Arthur is a website designer and owner of Hypersphere Design in Oakland, California.
Jeffrey Mishlove

The absence of authentic exchange on TV is nowhere more convincingly evidenced than when the opposite suddenly appears. The questions you raise are worthwhile and the style encourages thinking on the part of the viewer.
Philip Wander
Prof. of Communication
San Jose State University

Thinking Allowed is the most stimulating, provocative, thought provoking and well produced interview show I have ever seen. Interviewer Jeffrey Mishlove is so thoroughly grounded and able to pick up on responses with great follow-up questions. He has the ability to re-state concepts to capture the 'nugget.' His program is a true gem on your channel.
Anna B. Bender
Madison, WI

The programs are extremely interesting and informative. I think as an interviewer you are excellent. Thank you for such quality and insight in your programs. There are many of us who watch this program weekly and have interesting conversations following the broadcast.
Pam Moon
Pacifica, CA

Wonderful! What a great show.
Hal Zina Bennett
Palo Alto, CA

It was absolutely excellent! It was such a pleasure to finally listen to an intelligent, down to earth and totally sincere person speak about something as personal and important as their spiritual expansion. I also want to express my appreciation for the genuine respect and sensitivity you showed the subject of spiritual development.
Rhonda Chaikin
Moraga, CA

For the first time, individuals interested in human potential can explore new vistas with top scholars and practitioners. This is an invaluable opportunity for viewers to be on the forefront.
Diane Shaver Clemens
Professor of History
Univ. of Calif., Berkeley

The work you are doing in broadening the understanding of significant and little-understood phenomena can be of real service to our culture.
George Leonard
Mill Valley, CA

I believe you are doing an outstanding job with this series. It is a critical contribution. I am honored to be associated with it in any way.
Michael L. Ray
Professor, Graduate School of Business
Stanford University

Your interviewing skills are excellent. The first time I watched your program, I was immediately struck by your obvious sense of compassion and innate empathy. I applaud the fact that you use your intellect to contribute to humanity and I respect the goodwill that emanates from you to your interviewee and audience alike.
Gillian Wilkerson
Tiburon, CA

I believe the series is a significant contribution to the humanities and to the quality of television broadcasting.
Theodore Roszak
Professor of History
California State Univ., Hayward

The series has the potential for exploring the middle ground between formal education which science has backed into procrustean canons of thought and `California gullibility` which (rebounding from the scientism of the academy) is in danger of rejecting critical standards entirely.
Huston Smith
Emeritus Professor

This is an excellent series, bringing important educational information about a number of vital human concerns.
Charles T. Tart
Prof. of Psychology
Univ. of California, Davis

Your work is outstanding in its many dimensions. The first is your willingness to bring to the public important thinkers at a time when there is a premium on the `slick and the pop.`
John R. O'Neil
California School Professional Psychology

I just wanted to let you know how refreshing it is to have an inspiring and stimulating show such as Thinking Allowed on TV. The host is always well informed and able to draw out the guests. I've enjoyed each of the programs I've seen. Thank you, and keep on feeding the minds of us hungry people. Please let those responsible for funding this program know how much it is enjoyed by those who see it.
Lance Plaza
New York, NY

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