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Thinking Allowed Book/Transcripts

The THINKING ALLOWED book contains 38 complete transcripts from the first several years of the Thinking Allowed series.
Thinking Allowed Book
In this fascinating collection of interviews from the Thinking Allowed television series, many of the greatest thinkers of our age challenge our assumptions and kindle an awareness of new potentials for personal growth and achievement.

372 pages; $20.95

ISBN 0-933031-64-5

Revealing timeless insights in
these areas:

The Mind-Brain Relationship
Growth and Achievement
Exploring the Psyche
Spiritual Development
Transforming Society
Science and Consciousness
Living and Dying

Fritjof Capra, George Leonard, Gay Gaer Luce, Theodore Roszak, Arthur M. Young, Rupert Sheldrake, Jacob Needleman, Joseph Campbell, Huston Smith, Willis Harman, Saul-Paul Sirag, Rollo May, June Singer, Albert Ellis, Virginia Satir, James Bugental, Hal Stone, Frances Vaughan, James Fadiman, Shinzen Young, Lee Pulos, Patricia Sun, Janelle M. Barlow, Charles Tart, Helen Palmer, Julian Isaacs, Karl Pribram, U.G. Krishnamurti, Joseph Chilton Pearce, Matthew Fox, Irina Tweedie, Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan, Jack Kornfield, Kathleen Speeth, Ram Dass, Michael Harner, W. Brugh Joy, Stephen Levine, Raymond Moody

The following complete transcripts from the Thinking Allowed television series and video collection are available here.
More will be added periodically.

     Stephen Levine: Conscious Living/Conscious Dying

     Huston Smith: The Psychology of Religious Experience

     Kathleen Speeth: The Psychodynamics of Liberation

     Fred Alan Wolf: Physics and Consciousness

     Arthur M. Young: Self and Universe

There are also dozens of Thinking Allowed transcripts at the Intuition Network website.

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