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Exploring Parapsychology (#Q144)
Charles Tart

One of America's foremost parapsychology researchers, Charles Tart, Ph.D., discusses his own research as he examines factors that facilitate ESP scoring in the laboratory. These range from feedback learning strategies to methods for shielding the human body from random electromagnetic and geomagnetic influences. Dr. Tart is the author of Psi: Studies in the Scientific Realm and Learning to Use Extrasensory Perception.
Michael Scriven

In this provocative interview, Michael Scriven, D.Phil., calls to task those who maintain that all psychic claims must be either fraud or error, since such an attitude implies that current scientific models will never be superceded. Dr. Scriven is a multi-disciplinary scholar who has made significant contributions to mathematics, logic, philosophy of science, ethics, education, psychology and parapsychology.
Milan Ryzl

A parapsychologist whose pioneering work in Czechoslovakia was featured in the best-selling Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain, Milan Ryzl, Ph.D., shares his personal experiences as a hypnotist and researcher, describing his training methods and their practical applications. One of Dr. Ryzl's subjects was able to identify a each digit of a 15 digit number through clairvoyant perception.
Julian Isaacs

Late philosopher Arthur M. Young, author of The Reflexive Universe, describes three different types of evolution: physical evolution of the form of the body, evolution of the "group soul" of a species, and personal evolution, i.e., the spiritual evolution of the individual. This program contains excerpts from Arthur M. Young: The Reflexive Universe, a documentary about Young's life and work.
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120 minutes

"When a new force emerges, like magnetism or electricity, to begin with you try to explain it away, show that it's really something else in disguise. And then you try to explain that it's something else very heavily disguised -- there are hidden fluids doing it all, or hidden strings. But then eventually you concede that it's there."
--Michael Scriven 

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