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VideoQuartets << Critical Self Awareness
Critical Self Awareness (#Q164)
Patricia Sun

The fear of confronting ourselves and each other leads to unnecessary suppression of our own higher powers. Patricia Sun, an expert in communications and conflict resolution, spiritual teacher, healer and charismatic speaker, suggests that through a return to innocence we can rediscover our connection with each other in a healing manner.
Donald Michael

Donald Michael, Ph.D., is a former policy analyst for the National Science Foundation and the Joint Chiefs of Staff and author of The Next Generation and The Uncertain Society. He suggests that we are frequently misled by the certainties offered by politicians and social reformers. He also takes issue with the anti-scientistic bias of many social activists, adding that by admitting our uncertainties we can begin to learn.
Michael Scriven

"Evaluation phobia" is Dr. Michael Scriven's term for the fear that individuals and organizations have about carefully examining the logic of their own decisions. Scriven, D.Phil., is a philosopher and multi-disciplinary scholar whose speciality is the very process of thinking itself. He is the author of many books, including Primary Philosophy, Reasoning, and The Logic of Evaluation.
Virginia Satir

Many of us are afraid to communicate to others our true feelings. One of the most influential modern psychologists and a founder of family therapy, the late Virginia Satir describes how internalized "rules" for social behavior limit our communication. Ms. Satir demonstrates various communication styles--depreciation, blaming, intellectualizing and irrelevance--which people use to cover up their feelings of low self-esteem.
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Four complete programs
120 minutes

"Most people give themselves "credit" for only having bad things inside, not good things. You know, I've even found people who felt that they couldn't talk about love feelings because somebody else will be jealous. So as a result, we don't communicate the thing that is really what human beings are about."
--Virginia Satir 

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