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Personal & Spiritual Development (#Q184)
Charles Tart

Our normal waking state of consciousness can be likened to being "asleep" in comparison to other states of awareness we might attain. In this intriguing discussion, psychologist Charles Tart, Ph.D., author of Altered States of Consciousness and Waking Up, suggests that we can begin to "wake up" by allowing our awareness to become conscious of itself. This can become a simple, yet powerful, discipline.
Jack Kornfield

Through quieting the mind we become aware of our unconscious tensions and the act of awareness itself serves to heal those tensions. Buddhist teacher of Vipassana (mindfulness) meditation, clinical psychologist and author of Living Masters of Buddhism and A Clear Forest Pool, Jack Kornfield, Ph.D., seeks out the factors common to all varieties of meditation.
Helen Palmer

Certain paranoid and neurotic states can open the mind to a range of intuitive and psychic experiences, according to this provocative discussion with Helen Palmer, Ph.D.. Author of The Enneagram and a noted psychic intuitive, psychologist and founder of the Center for the Investigation and Training of Intuition, Dr. Palmer suggests that through inner practices we can observe our minds and recognize these experiences when they occur.
Irina Tweedie

The late Irina Tweedie is the author of Daughter of Fire, a diary of her intensive spiritual training in India with a Hindu Sufi master. In this moving and personal interview, Mrs. Tweedie, who was a Sufi teacher in London, describes the bliss, peace and love--and the despair, hatred and loneliness--of her years of training in the Sufi tradition.
$69.95  $49.95
Four complete programs
120 minutes

"I'm talking about making a commitment to learn the truth about yourself and your world no matter what it is. Not to catch yourself in your sins. Not to support what you already believe, but to try to observe yourself in your world to see
what really is."
--Charles Tart 
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