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Developing Intuition (#Q224)
Shakti Gawain

Learning to trust one's intuition is a matter of practice and risk-taking. We are rewarded for our correct decisions, says Shakti Gawain, by a feeling of greater aliveness. In this penetrating interview, Ms. Gawain, author of Living in the Light and the best-selling Creative Visualization, describes how to deal with the tensions associated with living as a spiritual being in a material world.
Helen Palmer

A gifted intuitive, professional psychologist and founder of the Center for the Investigation and Training of Intuition, Helen Palmer, Ph.D., describes the relationship between intuitive and psychic abilities. Author of The Enneagram, Palmer says that intuition training frequently involves the use of disciplines such as concentration, visualization and contemplation, and this often leads to personality growth and spiritual development.
Carol Ann Dryer

Psychic abilities are a natural function of the soul and spirit, while intellect is a natural function of the ego. Carol Dryer is a psychic consultant whose clients include many well-known figures in entertainment, publishing, psychology, science and the arts. Her work is described in Tina Turner's autobiography, I Tina. Ms. Dryer discusses the distinction between the ego, the soul and the spirit.
Keith Harary

For the past fifteen years psychologist Keith Harary, Ph.D., has worked as both a psychic practitioner in ESP studies and as a researcher. Co-author of The Mind Race, Dr. Harary describes the methods he uses for "remote viewing" and the potential practical applications of these techniques in many areas, including a successful parapsychological venture into the silver futures market.
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"In terms of the capacities of the human mind, intuition is not a big deal. It's not a big-deal state of mind; it's a very available state of mind, if you have the confidence and the willingness to perform the practices that gain access to it."
--Helen Palmer 
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