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Does Mind Matter? (#Q294)
U. G. Krishnamurti

Does the mind exist as a distinct entity apart from our thoughts about it? U. G. Krishnamurti is a disquieting skeptic and author of Mind Is A Myth and The Mystique of Enlightenment. As "mind" is a myth, he says, so is the notion of "self." The human being is like a dog chewing a dry bone. When its gums bleed, the dog may believe the bone is rich with blood. Just so, we believe the mind is real.
Julian Isaacs

Most brain researchers believe we will eventually explain the mind in terms of neurological functioning. According to Dr. Julian Isaacs, Ph.D., an applied psychologist, this materialist view is inconsistent with the evidence of parapsychology. New developments in areas such as theoretical physics, says Dr. Isaacs, may eventually lead to an understanding of the common ground connecting mind and matter.
John Searle

Will computers ever achieve consciousness? John Searle, Ph.D., is a professor of philosophy and cognitive science at U.C. Berkeley and author of Intentionality and Minds, Brains and Science. He challenges the notion that the human mind operates like a computer, pointing out that intentionality and other human faculties are not achievable through artificial intelligence.
Ole Nydahl

The Tibetan lamas are specialists in understanding the "bardo" planes of the afterlife. Ole Nydahl is among the first westerners to be trained as a Tibetan Buddhist meditation master. Philosopher and author of Entering the Diamond Way, Nydahl describes the mind as a pure, limitless field where our thoughts create various visions which appear objective to us in sleep and death.
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"People assume that because we have some very interesting speculative ideas to link quantum physics with large-scale questions about reality and with parapsychological phenomena, that therefore automatically we've simply solved the problems."
--Julian Isaacs 

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