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VideoQuartets << Personal and Social Change
Personal and Social Change (#Q384)
Marilyn Ferguson

Leading developments in brain research, management science, social science, spiritual literature and social reform all suggest a new vision of society in which people feel empowered to transform their lives. As publisher of the Brain/Mind Bulletin, the late Marilyn Ferguson was in a unique position to appreciate this vision and chronicle its emergence. She was author of The Brain Revolution and The Aquarian Conspiracy.
Jacob Needleman

Why do we fail to truly listen when there is so much wisdom available to us? Philosopher Jacob Needleman, author of The Heart of Philosophy, suggests that communication is dependent upon the ability to listen to the depths within oneself. Paradoxically, sometimes our thoughts take us away from the here and now. To break through these barriers, Needleman discusses methods he uses as a teacher and a writer.
George Leonard

Because of the enormous environmental, political and economic strains on humanity, change is essential for our survival. George Leonard is author of numerous books including Education and Ecstacy, The Silent Pulse and The Transformation. He expresses optimism that we are capable of rising to the challenge and learning to bring out that which is deepest and best within us.
Joseph Chilton Pearce

Optimal development in children is thwarted by a variety of factors from modern hospital delivery methods to the educational system itself. Joseph Chilton Pearce, author of The Crack in the Cosmic Egg and Magical Child , suggests that current problems with child raising are so immense as to be virtually insolvable. However, parents who are truly concerned must begin by discovering within themselves the spiritual nature of love.
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"The greatest things to be communicated have to be experienced by oneself. And to communicate it in words, to pretend that through just giving words you're communicating the thing, is like giving a person a photograph of some food instead of having him eat it. "
--Jacob Needleman 

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