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Intelligent Systems (#Q424)
Marvin Minsky

Conscious intelligence may be viewed as a computer system composed of many smaller parallel processing programs. Marvin Minsky, Ph.D., is one of the acknowledged founders of the mathematical theory of computation, artificial intelligence, and robotics. He argues that understanding the individual as a very sophisticated machine actually affirms human dignity.
Edward Feigenbaum and H. Penny Nii

Edward A. Feigenbaum, Ph.D., recognized as the "father of expert systems." He is co-editor of The Handbook of Artificial Intelligence and co-author, with H. Penny Nii, of The Rise of the Expert Company. Here they describe the use of "knowledge engineering" to create expert computer systems which function at levels of high competency in medicine, engineering, financial forecasting, manufacturing, quality control.
John McCarthy

The science of artificial intelligence is a program to accomplish the Socratic injunction, "Know Thyself." John McCarthy, Ph.D., invented LISP, the major language today used for artificial intelligence. Here he discusses the history of artificial intelligence and the future role which non-monotonic reasoning will play in enabling computers to simulate the human mind.
Rudy Rucker

The mind itself partakes of infinity, as does every object in the physical world. Rudy Rucker, Ph.D., is author of many books including Mind Tools, The Fourth Dimension and Infinity and the Mind. Rucker hypothesizes that conscioussness need not be limited to human beings or even to living organisms.
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"When I talk, I haven't the slightest idea of the processes that produce the words. So how I make the words is not conscious."
--Marvin Minsky 

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