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Arnold Mindell, Ph.D.

Process Psychology and Your Dream Body (#W202)

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90 minutes
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In the first half-hour of this two-part program, Dr. Mindell provides an overview of process psychology and its relationship to the ancient Chinese concept of the Tao. He describes his approach as a "meta-psychology" which incorporates dreamwork, bodywork, relationship work, movement, family systems, spirituality, and global work.

In Part Two, Dr. Mindell discusses the concept of the "dreambody." He discusses process oriented psychology as a form of meditation, providing examples of its application in areas as diverse as conflict resolution and medicine. He emphasizes the importance of not relying on therapist interpretations in the practice of process psychology.

Dr. Arnold Mindell is an innovative psychological theorist and therapist. Founder of the Center for Process Oriented Psychology in Zurich, Switzerland, and Portland, Oregon, he is author of Dreambody, Working With the Dreaming Body, City Shadow, The River's Way, The Year One, Working on Yourself Alone and Coma: Key to Awakening.
This DVD is also available as part of a special offer:

Working With Comas (#S711)

DVD $18.95
30 minutes
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Arnold Mindell, Ph.D., an innovative psychological theorist and therapist, discusses the unique methods he has developed for working with individuals in comatose states. Using the techniques of "process psychology" he is able to find channels into the minds of comatose individuals that allow him to establish communication.
This program is also available in the VideoQuartet:
Approaches to Consciousness (#Q434)
EXCERPT: Process Psychology and Your Dream Body

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