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Charles Muses, Ph.D.

Time and Destiny (#S460)

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30 minutes
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The qualitative and cyclical nature of time is the subject of this fascinating interview with the late mathematician, physicist and philosopher Charles Muses, Ph.D., author of Destiny and Control in Human Systems and The Lion Path. Drawing on quantum physics and geometry, Dr. Muses shows how these cyclic patterns can be understood and developed through the cultivation of intuition and feeling with resonant timing.
This program is also available in the VideoQuartet:
New Pathways in Science (#Q134)


"Actually the wave-particle so-called paradox isn't that bad, when you consider that a particle is a wave packet, a packet of standing waves. That's why an electron can go through a plate and leave wavelike things. Actually our bodies are like fountains. The fountain has a shape only because it's being renewed every minute, and our bodies are being renewed. So we are standing waves; we're no exception. "
--Charles Muses 

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