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VideoQuartets << New Pathways in Science
New Pathways in Science (#Q134)
Rupert Sheldrake

The so-called "laws of nature" may actually be more like habits and instincts than immutable and inviolable laws. Rupert Sheldrake, Ph.D., biologist and author of the controversial A New Science of Life, suggests that from this perspective all of creation may be viewed as a living organism. This ancient concept, he says, challenges the notion of the universe as a mechanism with God as the great mechanic.
Karl Pribram

With a better understanding of neurological functioning, says Karl Pribram, M.D., we may find the groundwork for a new approach to understanding spiritual and mystical experiences. Dr. Pribram, professor of neuropsychology at Stanford University and author of Languages of the Brain, is best known for his "holonomic" theory of brain functioning.
Charles Muses

The qualitative and cyclical nature of time is the subject of this fascinating interview with mathematician, physicist and philosopher Charles Muses, Ph.D., author of Destiny and Control in Human Systems and The Lion Path. Drawing on quantum physics and geometry, the late Dr. Muses shows how these cyclic patterns can be understood and developed through the cultivation of intuition and feeling with resonant timing.
Arthur M. Young

Late philosopher Arthur M. Young, author of The Reflexive Universe, describes three different types of evolution: physical evolution of the form of the body, evolution of the "group soul" of a species, and personal evolution, i.e., the spiritual evolution of the individual. This program contains excerpts from Arthur M. Young: The Reflexive Universe, a documentary about Young's life and work.
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"So nature is essentially habit forming, and all aspects of nature, I think, are based on the principle of habit. Indeed, I'd go so far as to say that what we call the laws of nature are more like the habits of nature."
--Rupert Sheldrake 

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