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Frances Vaughan, Ph.D.

Spirituality and Psychology (#S010)

$29.95 $18.95
30 minutes
True psychology is incomplete without an understanding of the spiritual yearnings of human beings. Frances Vaughan, Ph.D., is a transpersonal psychotherapist and president of the Association for Humanistic Psychology. She is author of Awakening Intuition and The Inward Arc. Dr. Vaughan stresses that all spiritual traditions ultimately offer a means toward transcendence of the limited self.
This program is also available in the VideoQuartet:
Spiritual Psychology (#Q194)

Awakening Intuition (#S231)

$29.95 $18.95
30 minutes
We can train our own intuitive faculty by learning to quiet the mind and listen to internal signals. Frances Vaughan, Ph.D., says intuition involves a direct knowing without mediation by human senses or logic. She points to several types of intuition--spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical.
This program is also available in the VideoQuartet:
Opening to Intuition (#Q334)
EXCERPT: Spirituality and Psychology

"I sometimes think of spirituality as teaching us to forgive others and psychotherapy as a way of learning to forgive ourselves."
--Frances Vaughan 

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