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Opening to Intuition (#Q334)
Kevin Ryerson

Higher states of consciousness and the notion of the superconscious mind have great implications for our identity as human beings. According to Kevin Ryerson, the superconscious mind is that part of us which is in direct contact with God. Ryerson is a noted intuitive consultant and trance channel whose work is described in Shirley MacLaine's books.
Jon Klimo

Jon Klimo, author of Channeling, proposes the intriguing view that we are all like cells of a larger organism and that we share in the consciousness of that organism. Thus, channeled "entities" such as Lazaris, Seth, Ramptha, Michael, Emmanuel, etc., may be seen as both part of our deeper mind and as larger than our individual consciousness.
William Kautz

Channeling is one of several approaches to intuition. William Kautz, Sc.D., is founder of the Center for Applied Intuition and co-author of Channeling: The Intuitive Connection. Although he "plays the game" and treats channeled "entities" as if they were real, he is more concerned with the quality of their information. He says this quality improves when one approaches with a genuine need rather than mere curiosity.
Frances E. Vaughan

We can train our own intuitive faculty by learning to quiet the mind and listen to internal signals. Frances Vaughan, Ph.D., president of the Assn. for Humanistic Psychology and author of The Inward Arc and Awakening Intuition, says intuition involves a direct knowing without mediation by human senses or logic. She points to several types of intuition--spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical.
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"The boundaries seem to be getting thinner and thinner between one person and another, between one person and a spirit being or an entity, and even between these spirit beings themselves. It seems like we're all merging together."
--William Kautz 
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