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Jon Klimo

Channeling and the Self (#S375)

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30 minutes
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Jon Klimo, author of Channeling, proposes the intriguing view that we are all like cells of a larger organism and that we share in the consciousness of that organism. Thus, channeled "entities" such as Lazaris, Seth, Ramptha, Michael, Emmanuel, etc., may be seen as both part of our deeper mind and as larger than our individual consciousness.
This program is also available in the VideoQuartet:
Opening to Intuition (#Q334)

"That presupposes a multidimensional framework of reality in which the communication is taking place that goes beyond the physical, the three dimensions of space and the one of time as we understand it, and it also presupposes that the self is more permeable, the membrane separating self from other has more influx of information or information-carrying energy, than the ego."
--Jon Klimo 

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