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Jane Rubin, Ph.D.

Self and Society (#S183)

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30 minutes
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Philosophers have questioned how one can live a meaningful life in a social milieu that lacks clear values. One response is to define oneself by accepting as a role model one who is truly committed--such as Christ or Buddha. Jane Rubin, Ph.D., teacher of religious studies at U.C. Berkeley, contrasts this approach with modern existentialists who view an idealist approach to life as an escape from authenticity.
This program is also available in the VideoQuartet:
Living Philosophically (#Q374)

"The way philosophers have talked about it, is unique, because what they tend to say -- at least the philosophers that I've studied the most -- is that there's something about our culture which has put it in a situation in which nothing makes any difference to people. In other words, this isn't just some psychological problem that individuals have. It isn't the case that there are all sorts of meaningful things out there, but for some sort of emotional reasons or individual, personal reasons, people haven't been able to find those things or connect with those things."
--Jane Rubin 

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