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Michael Ray, Ph.D.

Creativity in Business (#S190)

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30 minutes
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In today's competitive environment, humanistic values are essential at every level of the corporation, according to Stanford professor Michael Ray, Ph.D. Dr. Ray, author of Advertising and Communication Management, Communicating with Consumers and Creativity in Business describes how he applies the principles of consciousness expansion, intuition and creativity in the business world.
This program is also available in the VideoQuartet:
Consciousness in Business (#Q264)

"I think people get confused with the word spiritual, but we tend to talk about it in terms of being artful. We say it's making your life a work of art. It's the kind of thing that people experience when they feel they have a tremendous amount of potential that they're not really putting out in the world -- that they're not really making the contribution that they could make. I think business people are looking for ways that they can be more efficient, more practical, more appropriate, more productive, make better decisions, and all those things."
--Michael Ray 

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