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VideoQuartets << Consciousness in Business
Consciousness in Business (#Q264)
Kenneth R. Pelletier

Many businesses are beginning to appreciate the importance of optimal psychological and physical health within the workforce. Kenneth R. Pelletier, M.D., respected author of Mind as Healer/Mind as Slayer, Wholistic Medicine, Longevity and Healthy People in Unhealthy Places, suggests that workers are no longer viewed as replacable, but are being seen as a company's greatest asset.
John R. O'Neil

Business training techniques often focus mindlessly on "positive thinking," glossing over the need for executives to engage in soul-searching and self-renewal. John O'Neil, president of the California School of Professional Psychology, discusses the unfortunate trend in business to treat "success" as an all-consuming end in itself, without regard to the consequences of this attitude.
Michael Ray

In today's competitive environment, humanistic values are essential at every level of the corporation, according to Stanford professor Michael Ray, Ph.D. Dr. Ray, author of Advertising and Communication Management, Communicating with Consumers and Creativity in Business describes how he applies the principles of consciousness expansion, intuition and creativity in the business world.
William C. Miller

Innovation is possible at every level of the corporate structure. William C. Miller, management consultant and author of The Creative Edge, delineates different styles of creativity and suggests the role of each within the corporation. Every individual, says Miller, has the capacity to overcome creative blocks by looking for answers which satisfy the desires and values of the heart.
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"When a life becomes too devoted to short-term success, to numbers, to winning as if somehow that in itself was the end, then you're going to run into deep and painful problems in your life. Because a life is made up of more than that kind of success."
--John R. O'Neil 

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