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Patricia Garfield, Ph.D.

On Dreams and Dreaming (#S332)

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30 minutes
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Even negative dreams and nightmares can be a source of positive value and growth when we choose to interact creatively with the dream imagery. This can be accomplished with a modest amount of training and suggestion. In this valuable program, Patricia Garfield, Ph.D., co-founder of of The Association for the Study of Dreams and popular author of Creative Dreaming and Women's Bodies, Women's Dreams, offers various methods of working with our own dreams and those of our children.
This program is also available in the VideoQuartet:
Working with the Unconscious (#Q234)


"You know, different stages of life are very seldom recognized, other than getting married and having babies, which are generally accepted as joyful occasions. But in our dream life we are marking those events very powerfully, and they can, if we pay attention to them, help us to integrate the events."
--Patricia Garfield 

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