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VideoQuartets << Working with the Unconscious
Working with the Unconscious (#Q234)
Shakti Gawain

The images we visualize serve as blueprints for events that manifest in our lives. Shakti Gawain, dynamic author of the best-selling Creative Visualization, adds that we can consciously influence this process by visualizing the positive situations we desire, and she provides instructions for a basic visualization technique that takes only a few minutes and can be used several times a day.
Patricia Garfield

Even negative dreams and nightmares can be a source of positive value and growth when we choose to interact creatively with the dream imagery. This can be accomplished with a modest amount of training and suggestion. In this valuable program, Patricia Garfield, Ph.D., popular author of Creative Dreaming and Women's Bodies, Women's Dreams, offers various methods of working with our own dreams and those of our children.
Anna Halprin

Dancing and other ritual activities can allow us to recognize our own inner negativity and to transform its power into healing experience. Anna Halprin, director of the Tamalpa Institute, is internationally recognized as an organizer and teacher of dance rituals. In this moving program, Ms. Halprin draws on her own experience battling cancer to discuss the psychological value of body movement and of symbolic action.
Jeremy Taylor

A founder of the movement for leaderless dream work groups and author of Dream Work, Jeremy Taylor points out that dreams are held in disrepute by mainstream institutions because they challenge closed systems of thought. He suggests that techniques such as lucid dreaming can be used for purposes of healing and overcoming addictions. Ultimately, he believes, dreams connect us with the world of nature and of God.
$69.95  $49.95
Four complete programs
120 minutes

"What you want to do is look at all your feelings, all your thoughts, all your images, and understand them, and then just whenever you can, begin to give a little extra energy to the ones that you
really want."
--Shakti Gawain 
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