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Russell Targ, Ph.D.

Miracles of Mind (#H205)

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60 minutes
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Scientist Russell Targ describes remote viewing research he conducted with sponsorship from the CIA and military intelligence establishment. He presents graphic illustrations of the tests that persuaded the government to fund this research. He describes his own personal experiences as a remote viewer. He explains that remote viewing, or free-response clairvoyance, is probably the single most successful research approach in parapsychology. Dr. Targ suggests that the mind itself reaches to the far ends of the universe and it is this "non-local" quality, rather than any particular mechanism, that accounts for the remarkable data of parapsychology.

Russell Targ is co-founder of the government sponsored remote viewing research program at SRI International. He is co-author of The Mind Race, Mind At Large, Mind Reach and Miracles of Mind.
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ESP, Clairvoyance and Remote Perception (#S245)

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30 minutes
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"Remote viewing" is the process whereby individuals, with no previous training or experience, are able to successfully describe randomly chosen targets at remote locations. Russell Targ, a laser physicist, is one of America's foremost parapsychology researchers. He discusses the history of remote-viewing research and the practical applications of this ability.
This program is also available in the VideoQuartet:
Frontiers of Psychic Research (#Q404)
EXCERPT: Miracles of Mind

"An important aspect of making them comfortable is that this activity was always a very happy occasion. It would be a game. We would be talking about going out for coffee or ice cream afterwards. We expected this to be successful. We were not twisting the person's arm to see whether they were one of this weird group of psychic people, but rather we were investigating the phenomenon. We expected it to work, and we found that people could describe in great detail bridges, buildings, swimming pools, beaches, over the whole length and breadth of the globe."
--Russell Targ 

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