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Terence McKenna

A Magical Journey (#W061)

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90 minutes
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HALLUCINOGENS AND CULTURE: Hallucinogenic substances have been instrumental in the foundation of many aspects of our cultural heritage. In this challenging program, McKenna suggests ways in which hallucinogenic plants have been associated with spiritual traditions in ancient India, in the Amazon and in medieval Europe.

TIME AND THE I CHING: Here he examines Carl Jung's notion of synchronicity, or meaningful coincidence, as it applies to the Chinese I Ching. He proposes that the 64 hexagrams actually contain a specific mathematical structure which models both time itself and the human mind. This common structure, he maintains, accounts for the remarkable success of the I Ching in providing guidance into human affairs.

THE HUMAN FUTURE: Human survival requires that we become aware of our responsibility for the future. McKenna proposes four key elements of a future mandala: feminism, space exploration, cybernetics and hallucinogens.

The late Terence McKenna was co-author of The Invisible Landscape: Mind, Hallucinogens and the I Ching, True Hallucinations and Food of the Gods. He was also founder of Botanical Dimensions, an organization devoted to preserving and cultivating hallucinogenic plants used in shamanistic traditions worldwide. In addition, he developed a computer software program known as Time-Wave Zero.
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Aliens and Archetypes (#S425)

DVD $18.95
30 minutes
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Do UFOs originate as psychic projections from our own minds? The late Terence McKenna, a leading thinker in the area of alternative realities, suggests that regardless of their origin and material existence, UFOs seem to challenge the authority of science, and that their chief function may be to offset the imbalances in our contemporary culture.
This program is also available in the VideoQuartet:
Life in the Universe (#Q364)
COMPLETE PROGRAM: Hallucinogens and Culture

"We are not going to go to the stars as Republicans and Democrats, communists and free marketeers; we are not going to go to the stars as male chauvinists; nor are we going to go to the stars as uninformed clods. All of these are dross that the historical experience of the twentieth century is going to either burn away from us or burn us with."
--Terence McKenna 
EXCERPT: Aliens and Archetypes

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