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Life in the Universe (#Q364)
Jacques Vallee

Regardless of the physical reality of UFO's, says Jacques Vallee, Ph.D., the fact that people believe they have experienced contact with alien entities is an appropriate subject for scientific scrutiny. Vallee is a computer scientist, UFO researcher and author whose books include Challenge to Science, Anatomy of a Phenomenon, The Edge of Reality, The Invisible College and Messengers of Deception.
Terence McKenna

Do UFOs originate as psychic projections from our own minds? Terence McKenna is co-author of The Invisible Landscape and Food of the Gods and a leading thinker in the area of alternative realities. He suggests that regardless of their origin and material existence, UFOs seem to challenge the authority of science, and that their chief function may be to offset the imbalances in our contemporary culture.
Richard Grossinger

The cosmos is the fertile field from which we humans and the planet earth were born. In another sense the cosmos is also the field of our mind onto which we project our dreams and myths. Richard Grossinger, Ph.D., is author of Planet Medicine and The Night Sky. The scientific worldview, he says, for all its beauty and power is incomplete, and there is much we can learn about ourselves from ancient and modern mythologies of the skies.
James Harder

A hydraulic engineer at U.C. Berkeley, James Harder, Ph.D., is one of America's foremost specialists in the hypnotic examination of individuals who have had "contact" with extra-terrestrial intelligences. He discusses his insights concerning extra-terrestrial societies as a result of over 100 hypnotic sessions. Such civilizations, Dr. Harder points out, may be constructed quite differently from our own.
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"Conditions and time spans in the universe are long enough and varied enough that I would bet that the real task with extraterrestrial intelligence will be to recognize it."
--Terence McKenna 

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