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Transformation and the Body (#Q254)
George Leonard

One of the goals of martial artists is to cultivate an awareness both of their own subtle physiological rhythms and those of other people, according to Aikido instructor George Leonard. Leonard, one of the founders of the consciousness movement, was the author of The Silent Pulse, The Transformation, Education and Ecstacy, and The Ultimate Athlete. Here he discusses the history and theory of the oriental martial arts.
Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy has spent years cataloging the ways in which human abilities can be transcended and the human body transformed. Founder of the Esalen Institute and author of The Psychic Side of Sports, Golf in the Kingdom and The Future of the Body, Murphy describes how humans may consciously control their physical evolution through religious and athletic disciplines, biofeedback and medicine.
Stanley Keleman

The human organism and the biosphere are part of one system, says Stanley Keleman, a leading pioneer of psychotherapy from a somatic perspective. Keleman is author numerous books including Emotional Anatomy, Somatic Reality, Your Body Speaks Its Mind, Living Your Dying and The Human Ground. In this profound interview he discusses the unity of spirit and soma (or body) in the life process. master.
Eleanor Criswell

One can approach understanding the mind-body connection through many disciplines, such as dance, massage, biofeedback, martial arts, yoga, etc. Eleanor Criswell, Ed.D., psychologist and managing editor of Somatics, points out that this body of traditions suggests enormous, untapped possibilities for mind-body control. She stresses the importance of such control for managing chronic pain and dealing with addiction.
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Four complete programs
120 minutes

"We have to be touched by our living process, and not mistake our self-reflecting brains -- that is, the brain that we have that looks back on its own process that created it -- and think that it's the creator. That is, our self-reflecting structure, which is created by our own living process, is in fact seeing itself and thinking that it is the honcho. It's not"
--Stanley Keleman 
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