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Conscious Management (#Q454)
Michael Scriven

To behave unethically is to behave irrationally, and generally in a self-defeating manner. Michael Scriven, D.Phil., has taught practical ethics for ten years at the Executive Training Center in Berkeley, California. Here he maintains that the basic premise of all ethics is the equality of rights.
Cynthia Scott

Since accelerating change is inevitable, the skills for managing change must be integrated into organizational structures. Cynthia Scott, Ph.D., is author of Managing Personal Change and Managing Organizational Change. She presents a four-stage process for managing change from denial to resistance to exploration to commitment.
Beverly Potter

Esoteric traditions offer insights of great value in promoting positive transformation in the workplace. Beverly Potter, Ph.D., is author of Beating Job Burnout, Turning Around: Keys to Productivity and The Way of the Ronin. She suggests that the metaphor of the Ronin, or masterless samurai, can be useful as a model for dealing with periods of rapid social and economic change.
Beth Jarman

The process of social and organizational change can be understood by observing transformations in nature. Beth Jarman is the cofounder of Leadership 2000, a consulting company based in Phoenix, Arizona. She argues that civilization has reach a breakpoint in that the basic paradigm of heierarchy and domination that have existed for 8,000 years is now breaking down. Radical new ways of being are required in the way we think about ourselves.
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"Nobody really knows what they're going to be doing in a couple of years, what kinds of issues they're going to be confronting. We have to keep teaching ourselves while we're doing it."
--Beverly Potter 

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