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The Essence of Religion (#Q474)
Swami Dayananda

Swami Dayananda
Logically, the Self is pure awareness which transcends all of the objects of perception. Swami Dayananda is a member of the Order of Sanyasins, or spiritual renunciates. He suggests that we often confuse this true self, which is awareness itself, with the objects of awareness--such as our own body. The path of Vedanta is one of brining this realization into a state of continuous clarity.
Charlene Spretnak

Charlene Spretnak is a scholar who has contributed to the framing of woman's spirituality, eco-feminism and green politics. Author of States of Grace, here she discusses Buddhism, native American spirituality, contemporary goddess spirituality and the Abrahamic traditions -- Judaism, Christianity and Islam -- and the critical insights that they address toward crucial social issues.
David Steindl-Rast

The genuine spiritual tradition of all religions encourages the cultivation of independent action and conscience. David Steindl-Rast, Ph.D., a Benedictine Monk, is co-author, with Fritjof Capra, of Belonging to the Universe. He proclaims that the message of Christianity is that we are all related to god and through god to each other.
Stephen Mitchell

The original gospel is one of lovingkindness and forgiveness. Stephen Mitchell is a poet, translator and scholar. He compares the core teachings of Jesus to the perennial spiritual traditions of humanity -- particularly those found in Buddhism.
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"You see that there is always a struggle on the part of everyone to be different from what I am, from what one is. And so that attempt to be different itself stems from a self-non-acceptance: all is not well with me, and therefore I have to be different."
--Swami Dayananda 
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