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Optimal Performance (#Q354)
Janelle M. Barlow

Janelle M. Barlow, Ph.D., is a human development consultant and author of The Stress Manager, a self-improvement workbook. Dr. Barlow's work focuses on practical, easy to use methods for monitoring and managing stress at home and in the workplace. She offers numerous suggestions for becoming aware of how stress influences the body and for discharging the effects of stress before they become toxic.
Lee Pulos

Qualities of success -- including goal setting, high self-esteem and a passion for life -- can be developed in all individuals. Lee Pulos, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist, describes his work with outstanding achievers in the field of athletics and business, as well as individuals who have successfully oversome cancer. He identifies many characteristics they hold in common.
Dennis Jaffe

Today, more than ever, workers are demanding a sense of self-actualization on the job. Dennis Jaffe, Ph.D., is a past-president of the Association for Humanistic Psychology and author of Healing from Within and Take This Job and Love It. He suggests that each of us can find as much meaning, commitment and passion in our work as in other areas of our lives.
Bernie Zilbergeld

People who are motivated to transform and improve their lives can do so effectively by harnassing the power of their own minds. The late Bernie Zilbergeld, Ph.D., clinical psychologist and author of Mind Power, suggests a number of techniques -- among them learning to monitor and change negative thought patterns, working with positive memories, visualizing goals, mental relaxation and working with mental advisors.
$69.95  $49.95
Four complete programs
120 minutes

"People are seeing it's not inevitable that organizations be run in a way where one person has power, has all the fun, gives the orders, and then everybody else is passive, inert, dependent, and alienated or burned out -- that there's another way to run the organization where power is seen in a completely different way, and where the experience of being in the organization is very, very different for everybody."
--Dennis Jaffe 

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